India SME Excellence Awards

Small and Medium Enterprises have been playing a very important role for the economic growth of the Nation, by contributing to the industrial output, exports, employment generation and helping other SMEs and Industries to grow substantial business activities by providing support, supply, services and new business opportunities.

The Indian entrepreneurs are very creative and innovative about their new products, processes, focusing on quality productivity as well as providing state-of-art and unique services to remain competitive in the domestic as well as global market to retain customers for business continuity. SMEs play pivotal role in industrial contribution, exports, generation of employment, new job creation, invention and putting efforts for sustainable economic growth of the nation, thus improving environment statistics. Considering the crucial role, most of these entrepreneurs are apprehensive about facing the limelight to eventually share their success stories, unique achievements and exemplary work.

We have been recognizing these entrepreneurs by presenting “INDIA SME EXCELLENCE AWARDS” for their outstanding performance and achievements in the various sectors. The awards will thus elevate the status quo of the winners to act as the role model / Brand Ambassador of the Chamber, resulting in motivating new SMEs, Young Entrepreneurs and Start-ups for better business growth and boosting confidence amongst them to compete with global players in the era of Make-In-India. These SMEs will also encourage the youth to initiate their own business ventures into profitable businesses.

The Award categories

◉   Best SME of the Year

◉   Innovative SME of the Year

◉   Emerging Small Enterprise of the Year

◉   Emerging Medium Enterprise of the Year

◉   Best SME in Manufacturing / Service / Exports

◉   Global Entrepreneur of the Year

◉   Global Indian SME of the Year

◉   CEO of the Year (SMEs and Mid-Corporate)

◉   Start-Up Company of the Year

◉   Women Entrepreneur of the Year

◉   Young Entrepreneur of the Year

◉   Appreciation Awards (Banks, Corporate, NBFCs, Education, Co-operative, Media and Individuals)

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