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Membership Category

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Silver Category
Micro Industries / Businesses
(Turnover less than Rs. 5 cr)

All types of companies from Manufacturing, Automotive, Engineering, Energy, Agro-Based Industries, Electronics, Electricals, Realty, Construction, Textiles & Garments, Metal & Mining, Oil & Gas, Packaging, Paper, Plastic, Printing, Glass, Infrastructure, Capital Goods Manufacturer, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Technology and allied manufacturing industries.

Companies from Exports, Imports, Service Sector, Education, IT, ICT, Fintech, Tourism, Sports, Retail, Distribution, Franchise, E-commerce, Trading, Logistics, Professional Services, Marketing, FMCG, Finance, Advertisement, Exhibitions, Property, Media, Financial, Private Equity, Venture Capital Funds, Research & Credit Rating Agencies, Hospitality, Furniture & Fixtures, Healthcare, Knowledge Based Industries and other Allied Service Industries & Business Sectors.

Start-Ups, Young & Women Entrepreneurs.

Individuals Professionals & Consultants.


Gold Category
Small Industries / Businesses
(Turnover from Rs. 5 cr to Rs. 75 cr )


Platinum Category
Mid-Sized Industries/Businesses
(Turnover from Rs. 75 cr to 250 cr)


Diamond Category
Mid-Corporate, Corporate, MNCs, Financial Institutions & Other Businesses
(Turnover over Rs. 250 cr and above)


Elite Membership
Domestic Market

Applicable to all above categories & companies
◉ Turnover from Rs. 10 cr to Rs. 50 cr
◉ Turnover from Rs. 50 cr to Rs. 100 cr
◉ Turnover from Rs. 100 cr to Rs. 200 cr
◉ Turnover from Rs. 200 cr to Rs. 350 cr


Elite Membership
International Market

Applicable to all above categories & companies
◉ Turnover from Rs. 25 cr to Rs. 75 cr
◉ Turnover from Rs. 75 cr to Rs. 200 cr
◉ Turnover from Rs. 200 cr to Rs. 350 cr
◉ Turnover above Rs. Rs. 350 cr


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For Indian:

Sr No. Membership Category Who Can Apply for Membership ?



Small & Medium Manufacturers, Exporters, Importers, Buying or Selling Agents, Distributors, Suppliers, Service Providers, Consulting Companies, Professionals, Start-Ups, Individuals Entrepreneurs, Marketing & Exhibitions Organisers



Public Limited & Multinational Companies, Overseas Banks & Financial Institutions and International Business Organisations


Patron Membership
(By invitation)

Individual or senior executive of corporate / FIIs / MNCs / Trade Promotion organisations / Retired government official / Venture Capital or Private Equity Fund / Technocrats / Educationist


Associate Organisation

Chamber of Commerce, Associations, Government Agencies, NGOs and Other International Organisations


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For Overseas:

Membership Category Who Can Apply for Membership ?


NBFCs, Investment Bankers, Financial Consultants, PE /VC Funds, Co-operative Banks, Assets Restructuring Companies, Rating Agencies, Credit Information Bureaus, Fintech Companies


Public Sector Banks / Nationalised Banks


Foreign Banks


Private Banks


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For Financial & Allied Institutions: