◉   Business advisory services

◉   Business, supply & procurement opportunities

◉   Connectivity with buyers, manufacturers and suppliers

◉   Procurement support in PSUs and MNCs

◉   Marketing and distribution in India

◉   Certification of evaluation of capacity of the company

◉   Support for listing on SME stock exchange

◉   Identifying potential investors and business partners

◉   Setting up manufacturing units

◉   Redressal of issues & problems of industry


◉   Channelise Finance from Banks and Financial Institutions

◉   Private Equity and Venture Capital

◉   Project, Export Finance & External Commercial Borrowings

◉   Term loans in local & foreign currency

◉   Vendor finance facility

◉   Factoring and forfeiting services

◉   Finance facility for participation in International Exhibitions

◉   NPA settlements and restructuring of stressed SMEs


◉   Export business opportunity

◉   Business alliances with overseas SMEs and companies

◉   Joint ventures, collaborations and technology transfers

◉   Business and Investment opportunities in various countries

◉   Import facilitation services

◉   Export & Import finance facility

◉   Contract manufacturing tie-ups with overseas companies

◉   Identification of business partners, buyers, importers and distributors

◉   Sourcing raw materials, advanced technology, machinery & equipment

◉   Marketing and distributorship in specific Overseas markets

◉   Identify industrial land & premises, and industrial parks / SEZ

◉   Promotion and launching of new products & services in overseas market

◉   Market survey and research

◉   Information on import and export formalities and procedures