SME Chamber of India has initiated consortium for SME consultants and business advisors to provide their advisory services and consultancy to SMEs from manufacturing, service industry, allied industries and start-ups companies for business growth, improvement of knowledge, transformation & transition of SMEs, business & finance management system, marketing & sales, business process ecosystem, enhance capabilities & capacities, focus on productivity and quality improvement, awareness about various facilities & incentives, formalities and procedures of international trade, compliances, advantages and impact of GST, capital market access, office automation, industry automation, HR management, industrial safety and strengthen them to survive in the competitive era of Make-In-India.

Opportunity for SME Consultants

◉   Consultancy to SMEs for business growth & expansion

◉   Listing in SME consultant directory of Chamber

◉   Business leads and referral from SME sectors

◉   Connectivity with potential SMEs

◉   Mentoring and interactive sessions

◉   Monthly and annual contracts with SMEs

◉   Suggestions and information for business transformation

◉   Assistance for quality productivity and improvement of services

◉   Support to SMEs for innovation & inventions

◉   Resolving issues and problems related to industrial sector

◉   Full page advertisement in SME Connect Magazine

◉   Logo and link with SME Chamber website

◉   Sharing articles about business advisory services

◉   Support for market development and expansion

◉   Exploring business consultancy for SMEs from manufacturing & service sector

◉   Full page advertisement in SME Connect Magazine

◉   Participation in round table discussion and debates at various events

◉   Free participation in appropriate events

◉   Opportunity to be the member of expert committee and jury


◉   Business Process and Transformation

◉   Preparation of effective business plan

◉   Business & Financial Risk Mitigation

◉   General and Life Insurance

◉   IT and ITes services

◉   Statutory compliances

◉   Enterprise management

◉   Legal services

◉   Project management consultancy

◉   Human Resource management

◉   Training & educational services

◉   Branding and Promotions

◉   Customs & excise

◉   GST

◉   Exhibition Support Services

◉   Investment advisory

◉   Finance and Accounts

◉   Capital Market

◉   Securitization

◉   Market Research

◉   International Trade

◉   3-D printing & design

◉   EPC Consulting

◉   Structural and Design Consulting

◉   Environmental consultancy

◉   Security and safety

◉   Energy conservation

◉   Telecom management

◉   Printing & publishing